Health Professionals:

Are You Enjoying Exponential Income from Offering Classes, Workshops Or Home Study Products?

Or Are You Leaving  Easy Money On The Table?

You’ve heard about leveraged and passive income, and there’s a good reason why! It’s because you can make more money and serve more people from working with multiple people at a time. And with the right blueprint, it’s as easy as done-for-you.

If you haven’t jumped on the course creation bandwagon, now is your time. Because your expertise IS package-able and sellable to larger groups-at-a-time RIGHT NOW!

However, if you’re like many wellness professionals, you get hung up on the following concerns:


How do I package what I do 1:1 into a group environment?

I feel unsure about creating a course that’s unique, and valuable. I constantly wonder if my expertise can be broken down in this way.


I often feel completely lost in how to market the course.

Between posting on Instagram and Facebook, emailing people, doing webinars, placing phone calls —  I have no marketing strategy.   


Geez, time is working against me.

Between clients and life commitments, there’s just not enough time in the world to create and sell a profitable course. My hands are tied.


Creating a course seems like a total gamble.

I’ve got no clue on how to pull together a course that makes sense, or how to engage with the number of people I need to make the course profitable. It’s like I’m throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.


Ugh technology!

I often feel so stressed about tech-issues. I don’t know which platforms are best, I’m not very tech savvy, and I’m nervous I’ll end up with a course that doesn’t work and upsets customers.

That’s Why I’m So Excited To Share With You My “Updated for 2021” Program That Holds Your Hand Through Creating, Marketing, And Selling Your First (Or Next) Group Program Or Product, Full Of Checklists, Calendars, Samples, Instructions, Emails, Sales Pages, and More!


If you want to consistent income outside of the traditional one to one clinic module.


If you want the perfect mix of a select few high paying clients and lucrative courses and products that make your business $30,000 a month or more. 


If you want to have a great, affordable opportunity for the people who can’t afford private work.


If you want to create residual income from courses and group programs that lead to hired speaking gigs and bigger opportunities.


If you want exponential income in less time spent, and even passive income while you’re not working.


If you want an easy first-purchase option from which a subset of participants will upgrade to your higher ticket services.

Then Lucrative Course Blueprint is your answer.

The Lucrative Course Equation:

Client Results

Made $767 per hour for my 21-day Clean Eating program during COVID!

With Lesli’s encouragement, I launched my Clean Eating 21 day course got 18 registrants – in the midst of the pandemic! 

I made $2,300 in revenue AND I’m excited for the opportunity to move many of these people into the next step in my sales funnel which will be my 1:1 platinum level coaching program.  Not a bad paycheck for 3 Zoom sessions @  $767/hour! 

Kara Bernstine, MS, RD, LD/N, CDE

Registered Dietitian, www.NutritionYourWeighInc.com

I made a grand total of $8,600 for the first launch in the midst of COVID!

For my very first course launch, I got 130 people to sign up for my webinar which lead to 18 people enrolling in my 4-week paid course and $3,700 in course revenue alone.  Not a back paycheck to deliver 4 modules at an hourly rate of $925/hour! 

In addition, 2 people signed up for both my private coaching program and bought the course which added another $3,400 in revenue and one person who viewed the webinar signed up for my 1:1 program @ $1,500 which for a grand total of $8,600 in revenue for my first launch.

Natalie Ledesma, MS, RDN, CSO, CLT

Clinical Nutrition Specialist, natalieledesma.com

Almost $10,000 in revenue after taking Lucrative Course Blueprint!

After taking Lucrative Course Blueprint I launched my first 6-week online course called the “PCOS Nutrition & Lifestyle Blueprint”. 

I got 28 registrants (27 paid the early bird price of $347 and one person paid the full investment of $497) for a grand total of $9,866! 


Your course was so helpful – especially in helping me write a killer sales page.

Martha McKittrick, RD, CDN

PCOS Specialist, marthamckittricknutrition.com

It’s time to stop taking your knowledge for granted. Because your expertise is of immediate monetary value for people right now.

It’s time to be of service to more people and scale your business. Because getting paid doing what you love depends on it.

It’s time to unchain your success from the limited 1:1 cage. Because it’s time for your business to have limitless impact on the world.

It all starts with my Lucrative Course Blueprint.

So let me tell you a little about my story for those who don’t know.  A few years back I was chugging along with a nice private practice – I’d worked hard to create it, and I was very proud of it!

But I was hitting some of the big limitations of having only a 1:1 practice!  First, there are only a limited amount of hours in the day to serve people, and I was running out of additional hours to offer.  Second, one’s income can “top out” as well, because there’s an accepted market rate for our work in every city. So a limited number of hours and a limit to the amount I could charge had me hitting an income ceiling.

And of all things, my two beautiful kiddos were in high school and it was not lost on me that college was around the corner…

What I realized I needed was a VERY big cash infusion — a cash infusion that was a higher number than 1 or 2 more private clients would bring (and again, I didn’t really have room for more privates anyway).

I immediately turned to my coach, and fortunately, she had the obvious answer.

The answer was to bundle my expertise into a course that many people could take at the same time!

Not only would I make exponentially more money from that, but each individual participant would be making a smaller and easier investment than working with me privately!

In other words, it was a win-win.  I remembered the people who were too hesitant to jump right into a 1:1 program.  This would be a perfect “taste” of my work that they could afford.

And I knew that for the hours I invested, my ultimate income would be higher than in the 1:1 hours with private clients.

So, I put together my first program at a price of only $497….

And guess what!  I had 63 people enroll in the course at $497!  That’s over $30,000 in income!  WOO HOO, I now had a college fund!

And the most exciting thing was that a subset of these people – after being introduced to my work and getting a lot out of it – chose to continue working with me in my higher touch programs.  Several moved into my “6-Figure Biz Academy” and a couple even became private clients later too!  

Would you believe that I generated and additional $48,000 out of people who started with me in this original class?!?!?  

I know you can do a successful launch of group programs, classes, and workshops and even create profitable home study courses.  I and my clients are living proof!

Lucrative Course Blueprint will take your hand and help you package up your knowledge into modules, worksheets, and exercises that make your course irresistible. Zero confusion here. 

Lucrative Course Blueprint will give you the exact marketing calendar checklist of tasks, and exactly what you need to do next so we’re with you every step of the way.  Easy. Actionable. Effortless.

Lucrative Course Blueprint will decode the mystery of how to get multiple, eager participants to grab your lower priced offer, making you exponential income for your time and effort.  What a relief.

Welcome to a proven, step-by-step system to effortlessly sell and enroll clients into your courses over and over again.

It’s The Difference Between Struggling To Make $20,000 A
Year Or
Gracefully Earning That In One Course Sale

Here’s what we’ll cover:

We kick off our course learning how to make sure you are developing and designing a terrific, content-rich course that your ideal clients will BUY.  In this module, you’ll learn how to do the research to make sure you know what your target market is desperately looking for.  You’ll learn how to design your course, module by module, and how to “work backwards” to create some great, enticing freebies – like a report or complimentary webinar – that give just enough so that people will get such an amazing taste of your work and be primed to buy more.

You’ll learn the different design choices of a group program or product, comparing which elements you’d like to include, how you’d like to facilitate, how much interaction you’d like to put in, and the variety of types of learning materials you might include.

  • Target Market Research Instructions, so you know how to interview your audience to pre-assess what they’re really motivated to buy
  • Content Design Guide for your Paid Course, so you can break your expertise into powerful, content-rich modules your clients will love
  • Content Design Guide for your Free Report / Free Webinar / Free Lead Magnet Materials so that you know exactly what – and how much — to put into your complimentary offerings to entice people to want more… and to buy your full program!
  • Logistical Choices for your Group Program so you can decide how large of a group, live or recorded, interactive or lecture, teaching vs. coaching ratio, etc. and understand the pros and cons of each.
  • Varieties of Learning Materials so you can understand all of the ways you can share your magic for people with different learning styles, from audio, video, and written elements to make your course sing!

This module advances your knowledge of how to design a stellar, highly effective course that meets the needs of your audience, but also your OWN needs!  You’ll learn how to set your goals for the income you’d like to earn, learning the critical calculations you’ll need to make about pricing and attendance.  You’ll understand how to create titles and bullet points that truly rock, and get the attention of your ideal clients.

In addition, we’ll go over all the technical programs and applications you’ll need to deliver your course!  From email management systems, to course delivery, to shopping carts and how to take payments, to what kinds of online forums to use, you’ll hear what’s available and what criteria you’ll want to use in choosing your technical back end.

Lastly, we’ll discuss critical after-the-course tasks to allow you to continue to monetize your course long after it’s been run that initial time – ka-ching!

  • Money Goal, Pricing, and Attendance Guide so you know how to calculate how many people you need to reach and what price points to offer to make sure your course is profitable!
  • Creating Titles that Rock, so your course can rise above the “noise” out there and really capture attention
  • Evergreen Vs. Open Enrollment Checklist, so you understand the best of each proven model and can decide which works for you, and when!
  • Technical Options for Course Delivery, where we review all of the different categories for which you’ll need a technical program (email, course delivery, taking payment, online forums, member centers, etc.) and compare the features of the best and brightest ones out there
  • How to use FB Groups To Sell Your Courses & Programs; being that FB is the most popular social media platform out there, we’ll cover how to use FB groups to attract members of your ideal target market and to offer them so much content, support, and value that they’re primed to easily purchase your paid offers!
  • After The Course: Critical Tasks; it’s imperative to continue to monetize your course long after it’s over that first time. This assessment will make sure you close the loop and reap all the gold, so that your bounty is repeatable and repeatable!

Now that you’ve designed an amazing program, it’s time to offer it to the world and enroll tons of eager and happy clients!  This module focuses on the critical, sequential steps of launching your course.  You’ll learn the exact timeline of promoting and selling your course, and what happens at each steps of the way.  You’ll even get a week-by-week sample launch calendar defining critical tasks, and detailing the sequence as it moves from warming up your audience, through offering 1, 2, or 3 lead magnet items, to making the offer for your paid course, through creating urgency before your “cart closes” (enrollment is over).

You’ll also receive a promotion planner to make sure you are leaving no “leads” unattended that covers referral partners (and how to use them), social media, direct email sequences, online methods like video and FB lives, blogs, speaking, and more.

  • Steps Of A Launch Sequence; this crucial document takes you through every step of launching your course, in detail, from the client’s initial introduction to your work, all the way through to becoming a buyer. You won’t want to miss any critical step!
  • Launch Promotion Planner so you can pre-plan all of the touch points you’ll use to reach clients, from promotional partners through direct email through social media through video and blogging, and much, much more… all things that add credibility and cache!
  • Types of Lead Magnets so you can understand and select exactly what you’d like to put into your sequence
  • Launch Timeline Chart; perhaps the most critical document of all, you’ll receive a detailed timeline that shows the sequential steps of a course launch laid out over time… week by week. What has to happen, and exactly when – so you’re not caught off guard!
  • Launch Sample Calendar, so you can see an entire timeline from one of my own launches laid out by exact date in calendar form
  • Promo Partners Brainstorming, so you can understand how many supporters are truly in your midst, and what considerations to think about in deciding who to ask to spread the word
  • Places to Speak so you have a big ol’ list of the countless places just waiting for a speaker like you, where you’ll create credibility as a leading authority, and from which you’ll invite the attendees into your sales sequence!

The best, most fabulous course in the world will be a dud if no one registers!  This module is all about persuasive communication.  What exactly must you share, and how, to inspire people to say YES to your freebies, webinars, and programs?  With busier lives than ever before, your communications must make people stop in their tracks – they must know, from what you share, that your offers are a can’t-miss opportunity.

In this module, we’ll look at real promotional email samples and structures (that you’d also follow in verbal communication and social media posts) for each step of the process that “convert” – meaning they entice sign-ups.  You’ll even, as a bonus, learn a powerful email sequence to generate more private clients, too.  Plus, we’ll explore how to promote your great stuff at networking groups, speaking engagements, and more – with actual scripts – and even what to say to enroll high-value promotional partners in helping market your new program!

  • 3 Sample Emails for Lead Magnet, so you can see what real live promotional emails look like – and how to vary them — for your Free Report, Checklist, or other Lead Magnet
  • 3 Sample Emails for Webinar, so you can see how the sequence continues, and what powerful, action-inciting emails look like for your Free Webinar
  • 5 Sample Emails Copy for Paid Course, This is where the rubber meets the road. See exact samples of how to position your paid course and make your compelling offer, including early-bird emails and bonus / incentive emails
  • Chart of Email Strategies, so you can learn about the varying types of emails to choose from – from personal story emails to problem/solution emails to FAQ emails to client results emails to last chance emails, etc.
  • 3-Email Sequence for offering a Complimentary Consult, this bonus sequence will teach you how to use persuasive language in a 3-email sequence to elicit takers for consultations with you – that you can upsell into your courses or even into private client work!
  • Personal Invite Script for your Webinar, here you’ll learn the language to use at speaking engagements, in blogs, in videos, at networking events, etc. to promote folks coming to your new webinar
  • Promotional Partner Request, so you can see exactly how to attract and engage promotional partners in spreading the word, including how to communicate the commission opportunity that’s in it for them, as well as key dates, accessing materials, etc.

No matter how someone hears about your great new free stuff, webinars, or paid programs, they’re going to have to go to an online webpage to actually register for these.  Let me tell you that if these pages are not compelling AND clear (enticing action!), folks just leave! So we’ll look at the exact sequence of a hugely results-generating sales page (so you know the story it needs to tell), and you’ll learn what sections and in what order are mandatory.  We’ll also look at opt-in pages, download pages, and confirmation pages in LAID OUT form for your free lead magnets and webinars – so you understand not only what you need to provoke the sign-up, but what comes on the NEXT page that continues the process of “know-like-and trust” with you.

Not only will you understand the technology involved (how do the sign-ups add people to my mailing list and/or allow me to send auto-responders and additional promotions?), but we’ll also take time to break down the entire structure of a webinar that sells!  Lastly, we’ll review the strategy for the most important piece of all – the “upsell” to your paid opportunity!

  • Killer Sales Page Sequence; a sales page tells a story! You’ll learn the exact sequence of influential “sections” that you must have on your sales page in order for people to buy
  • Sample Opt-In Page for a Free Report so you have the exact layout and compelling information that must be on your registration page.
  • Sample Opt-In Page for a Webinar so you can see how to present your exciting new webinar for maximum enrollment.
  • Sample Sales Page, so you can see, laid out, an example of all of the sections and elements you’ve learned must be on a registration-and-income-generating sales page
  • Template for your Free Webinar; exactly how is a webinar structured? When do you teach? When do you offer Q & A? And most importantly, when do you upsell your paid offer? Answers here!
  • Outline of your Upsell During Webinar, the most critical piece of all. Learn what to say and how to say it so that people rush over to your sales page and purchase your course NOW

It’s not enough to sell your course, you must be a skilled facilitator every step of the way to keep the course clear, exciting, thought-provoking, and high-value to your participants.  If not, you’re likely to have refund requests!  Leading a group requires different dynamics and nuances that private client work.

In this module, you’ll learn how to be an effective facilitator, including the key proficiencies you’ll want to have in your toolbelt.  In addition, we’ll look at a detailed outline of how to hold your first class to create buy-in and commitment from the participants, as well as the critical guidelines to establish that create safety as well as active participation.  And what happens when someone gets challenged?  Instead of hijacking the group, you’ll be equipped with key coaching questions to get them to take empowered action and re-commit to their goals.  And lastly, what do you want to upsell these folks into AFTER your class? Whether it’s another group offer or 1:1 work, we’ll explore how to maximize this opportunity.

  • Top 10 Skills of an Effective Facilitator; are you a master of active listening? Frazzle-proof even when someone is challenged? Able to adapt on the fly? Learn the top skills you’ll want to utilize to make your course rock
  • Presentation vs. Facilitation, do you know the difference? Your course will likely be a blend, so you must understand the dynamics of each and when to use them
  • Sample First Session Script and Outline; the first class is critical, and must pack a punch if you want to avoid drop-outs (and given your guarantee, that means refunds!). Learn exactly how to create buy in and set the stage for all the critical learning to come.
  • Group Program Ground Rules; your course will only work if there is safety, confidentiality, and an understanding how to best participate and consume your materials, let your group know what is expected of them
  • Great Coaching Questions; real, in-the-moment challenges will come up for participants in any great course. These masterful questions will help them get unstuck and take responsibility for their results!
  • Offering a NEXT Option; so what’s the next logical step in working with you, even after your class or product? It’s much easier to get a current participant to sign up for more than it is to get a brand, new client, so you’ll learn how to maximize this

The above modules will arrive weekly as pre-recorded video lessons.

You will also receive: 

Recordings of three 2-Hour Group Laser Coaching Sessions from my last group! 

Because this Special Offer for 7 Free Lead Gen Tools Subscribers isn’t a live course, I’ll give you recordings of all of the laser coaching and questions from all participants from my last round of the course. No doubt you’ll have similar questions and get lots of great info!


A Special Recorded Masterclass!

It’s much easier to sell classes, workshops, and home study programs when you have a large community of followers of your work.  In this strategic training replay, you’ll learn dozens of proven ways to grow your list of followers (all but a couple being no-cost!), turning them into “raving fans” of your work who then become your most likely audience of primed-and-ready buyers 

Value:  $397

Fill Your Courses with Facebook Ads (Recorded Training)

Kathy Lowenstern

Kathy is an online media expert and tech guru and my very own Facebook ad strategist. In this live workshop, Kathy is going to dish on all of her favorite Facebook Ad ninja secrets so you can fill your classes and workshops with ease and exponentially grow your email list!

Value:  $250

Email Marketing to Turn Fans & Followers into Happy Buyers (Recorded Training)

Yvette Quantz, RD, CSSD, LDN

As the founder of Customized Nutrition Newsletters and Foodspirations, Yvette is passionate about creating products designed to help your nutrition and wellness businesses thrive. I used her newsletter service in my own private practice with amazing results! Yvette is going to share the process of taking a cold audience and turning them into happy buyers.

Value:  $250

Cover Yourself Legally (Recorded Training)

Lisa Fraley, JD

Learn to protect yourself and your business from the ground up with this wonderful bonus from Lisa who happens to be my own business attorney In this audio recording, you’ll learn critical considerations, including the issue of crossing state lines as a licensed practitioner, among others. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to put those questions to rest.

Value:  $350

Ultimately, Lucrative Course Blueprint is exactly what you need if you want:


To turn your expertise into leveraged and passive income


To turn “I can’t afford you” into “Yes, I can do the course!”


Step-by-step instructions with detailed samples, calendars, handouts, and worksheets – leaving no stone unturned!


Direct coaching and training on the exact steps – in sequence – involved in creating an irresistible group program in 2021


To serve more people and scale your business with proven systems


To quit the struggle and guesswork and create a course that’s profitable


To have an easy first-purchase after which a subset of participants will upgrade to your higher ticket services

You will receive the 6 weeks of Course Material (Videos, Handouts, Bonuses) delivered to you weekly after you enroll.

The pre-recorded, special laser-coaching sessions will be delivered along with Class 2, Class 4, and Class 6. Bonus trainings from our guest experts will be included along the way!

Enroll Now + Finally Learn My Proven System For How To
Create and Sell Profitable Classes & Products in 2021!

Client Results

28 Registrants in my Summer Program!

Lesli has been instrumental in helping me develop group programs which have increased my revenue streams and allowed me to pursue two of my business goals: 1) increase my ability to work with thousands of people nationwide by offering group-based services; and 2) decrease my reliance on insurance.

With Lesli’s support, I’ve created several programs, including a recent summer program with 28 enrollments, 9 new subscriptions to my membership program, 18 book sales, and even 5 new private clients as a result of the insider knowledge Lesli has shared about how to structure these things as well as how to package and sell them.

Elizabeth M. Madison, MA, RD, CDN,

Registered Dietitian, www.weightlosstransformation.com

$9,100, $17,910, and $6,582 Earned!

I cannot say enough about how much working with Lesli has boosted my business. I’m now enrolling twice as many clients, even after doubling the price of my MRT/Leap package!

Within 2 months of learning Lesli’s strategies, I enrolled 17 people and generated $9,100 in revenue. Two months later, I raised my prices by 1/3 and enrolled 20 LEAP new clients and generated $17,910! In April alone, after doubling the price of my packages, I have enrolled 6 new clients generating $6,582.

I’m no longer anxious about having an enrollment conversation – instead, I love the fact I have the opportunity to share with people how I can help!”

Susan Gleaton RD

Registered Dietitian, SusanGleatonRD.com

Newsflash: Build it and they will come doesn’t work. 

Let’s take a moment of silence for the courses sitting in the dusty corners of websites, never being clicked, and never being sold.

That’s what happens when you release a course into the world wide web without a blueprint. And that’s why we spend so much time covering your marketing strategy, so you can launch a course that makes you more money in a 2 week period than your whole entire year to date

Yes, we cover the marketing calendar. Yes, we give plug-and-play templates for all your promotional emails, referral partner requests, marketing content for social media posts, opt-in pages for your free lead magnets, and a compelling sales page that sells. Yes, we teach you exactly how to attract clients into your course without feeling sleazy, salesy, or spending 40 hours a week “marketing.”

Client Results

7 Clients in my New LEAP Program!

Prior to learning Lesli’s enrollment system, I did not understand the true goal of the selling conversation.  I was uncomfortable and even afraid.

In less than two months, I have been able to enroll 7 clients into my MRT/Leap Program!

Now, instead of being nervous about my Discovery Calls, I actually get excited!  It feels like a conversation and an authentic connection versus a sales pitch.”

Jennifer Zucconi, RD, LD, CLT

Registered Dietitian, JenniferZucconi.com

Tripled My Practice Size and Revenue

Working with Lesli was the best decision I could have made for my business. When we are trained as dietitians, there is absolutely NO business education. Working with Lesli really helped me get a grasp on the in’s and out’s of being in private practice. Sure, there were other options out there but in the end… you get what you pay for, and Lesli is 100% worth it!

Today, my business has at least tripled in size of clientele and revenue from the time I started working with Lesli. I have 4 employees, numerous service offerings, and a client base that is growing with excellent client retention.

Jennifer Masson, MA, RDN, CLT, LE

Registered Dietitian, www. JENMASSONNUTRITION.Com

$25k In Two Months!

Prior to working with Lesli my business I was simply not able to pay the bills and my net income was negative two years in a row.

Since then my business and income have skyrocketed. In fact I made $25K in just two months (7/1-9/1/2019), and under Lesli’s direction, I have launched a pre-holiday weight loss program and enrollments are happening as we speak!

My confidence in the value of my services has increased tremendously — I had no idea how much I was selling myself short.   I’m excited about having the problem of a having a client “wait list”!

Sandra Gultry, MS, RDN, LDN

Registered Dietitian, ActionChoices.com

So Lesli, What’s My Investment For This One Of A Kind Training Where I’ll Get Your Step-By-Step System For Profitable Classes, Workshops And Products, PLUS All Of The Templates, Scripts, Samples, And Checklists?

When I set out to make a decision about the investment for this program, after considering the value of everything included, AND (more importantly) the value of the results that are possible when you implement what I’ll teach you…

… the number that I finally arrived at was $1997.  (Don’t worry, you’re not going to pay even close to that this time keep reading).

Now, the program is absolutely worth this amount.  Remember, I made over $30,000 on my very first group program!

… (not to mention that I’ve tracked over $48,000 in additional sales from course participants who then upgraded to my other offers and private work!).

And when I think of this, truly, it gives me pause. I want this available to more and more Health Professionals so that you have another option, and don’t have to close your doors for lack of 1:1 clients!!!


Being that the Coronavirus has thrown us all for a loop – and because I don’t want you to miss out on serving a very eager and available audience right now, I’m going to make an offer that’s a little crazy.

(Yes, that’s just how I roll).

You can jump into the program right now for:

ONLY $697 

(or 3 monthly installments of $267)

But wait!

We’re making the offer even BETTER!

Enroll in the next 24 hours and take $300 off with discount code 300SAVINGS


ONLY $397 

for 7 Free Lead Gen Tools Subscribers

(or $67 today + 2 monthly installments of $250)

Say no more, Lesli. I’m convinced!

• Releasing courses and products online, and reaching an unlimited supply of ideal clients across the globe!

No longer burning out trying to book 1:1 clients all day; having a lower-priced option that actually makes you even more income.

• Creating programs and courses that make money while you sleep. Or take the kids to hockey. Or spend time reading. It’s about setting up a work life balance, finally. 

A successful practice running the one-to-many model with classes, workshops, and a digital presence that positions you as an expert in your field. And be approached for speaking gigs, interviews, and media.

• A growing, scalable virtual practice where you can work from home and serve a larger audience. And say goodbye to the morning commute.


It’s all available for you. With the right blueprint. 

Enroll Now + Get The Formula For Leveraged and Passive Income Success


$267 x 3

$67 today

and 2x $250

(in the next 24 hours with discount code 300SAVINGS)




(in the next 24 hours with discount code 300SAVINGS)

Enroll in the next 24 hours and take $200 off with discount code 300SAVINGS

Client Results

Made $6,461 for my very first launch in April – despite COVID

I wanted to let you know that I April was my best month EVER – hit $18K PROFIT in April alone despite many people pulling back on their spending due to COVID 19.  I had my first continuation program sign up and did my first online course launch with a total of 13 registrants and $6,461 in revenue!  I’m well on my way to making 6 Figures in PROFIT this year.

Brittyn Coleman

Registered Dietitian, www. AUTISMDIETITIAN.Com

I learned SO many critical skills…

Before taking Lesli’s Lucrative Course Blueprint, I knew absolutely NOTHING about creating, marketing, and filling an online course — Zilch. Nada. I was actually set to take a different course, but I got to “know like & trust Lesli through her online events in her warm, easy style and loved that she is relevant to my business (health coaching), which was even more perfect. I learned so many critical skills – outlining and planning my own course was huge for me, the launch process also huge, the email sequence and sales page tips were priceless. Really the whole darn thing 😊.

I loved working with Lesli – she is compassionate, accommodating, has a very clear teaching style, and she is outrageously generous.

If you’re thinking about jumping in, I would say, definitely take this course, do NOT look for another. The tech stuff is worth it’s weight in gold.

Judith Hall


So are you ready to successfully create and sell profitable courses, workshops, and products, and not only make more money but help exponentially more people than you can help just one-on-one?

Would you like to take that next step to fast-track the process, setting yourself up for a hugely lucrative 2021?

I hope so, because the world NEEDS what you have!  Register now and I’ll see you in class, OK?

Wishing you happiness and success,


Lesli Bitel, MBA, RDN, LDN

Lesli is a Business Coach & Consultant for Registered Dietitians, Nutritionists and  Integrative Functional Medicine Practitioners.  In her work, she teaches her clients to overcome the sense of overwhelm and confusion associated with the business side of running a successful practice.  Pulling from a variety of leading-edge strategies, Lesli teaches her clients the necessary tools and techniques to attract the clients who need them most so that they can create a thriving, profitable practice doing the work that they love.

Lesli is a Registered and Liscensed Dietitian Nutritionist and has additional degrees in exercise physiology and a Masters in Business Administration (with an emphasis in Global Business and Entrepreneurship).  In addition to clinical and private practice experience as a dietitian, she has 13 years experience as a sales and marketing executive within the pharmaceutical and diagnostic testing sectors.

In her practice, Lesli offers private coaching, group programs, classes, webinars, workshops, and more, from her home base where she lives outside of Chicago with her husband, two active children, and their dogs, Rocky and Piper.

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