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You just made an amazing decision

Here’s what to do next:


1. Check your email

You will receive two emails within the next 5-10 minutes:

    1. Your payment confirmation
    2. Your login details

Please save your login credentials as you will need them to access your training materials when we start on March 12th.

If you have not received your confirmation emails, please check your spam and promotion folders or contact clientcare [@] and our team will be happy to assist you.


2. Mark your calendars

Mark your calendar for our LIVE training sessions and Q&A calls.

All LIVE sessions are on Tuesdays at 9 am PT, 10 am MT, 11 am CT, 12 pm ET

    • March 12
    • March 19
    • March 26
    • April 2
    • April 9
    • April 16
    • April 23
    • April 30
    • May 7

Plan to spend 90 minutes on each call to allow for discussion and Q&A time at the end of each training call. 

The link to access the live calls will be in your member’s area and will be the same for the above training dates.


3. Prepare for Each Call

Training materials for each session are released the day before the training. 

Download all materials for each week before the call.

You will also get email reminders that your materials are available each week.

Client Results

28 Registrants in my Summer Program!

Lesli has been instrumental in helping me develop group programs which have increased my revenue streams and allowed me to pursue two of my business goals: 1) increase my ability to work with thousands of people nationwide by offering group-based services; and 2) decrease my reliance on insurance.

With Lesli’s support, I’ve created several programs, including a recent summer program with 28 enrollments, 9 new subscriptions to my membership program, 18 book sales, and even 5 new private clients as a result of the insider knowledge Lesli has shared about how to structure these things as well as how to package and sell them.

Elizabeth M. Madison


Made an extra $31,440 in 6 Months working 4 Days Per Week Via a 1:1 Signature Program and my First Online Course!

Before working with Lesli, I was feeling stuck in a pattern of overwhelm and was feeling burned out and frustrated with trying to fill my calendar with “stand-alone” sessions.

Even though I love what I do, I knew my current business model was unsustainable. I was tired of spinning my wheels so I decided to work with Lesli because of her successful track record – I was confident she could help me to take my business to the next level.

Lesli is amazing…if you are thinking about working with her- I recommend that you do it! I don’t know how she does it or what her “magic” is but you will come out of each session crystal clear on what you need to do to move your business forward and you’ll be energized and confident that you can succeed.

Karen Louise Scheuner


$9,100, $17,910, and $6,582 Earned!

I cannot say enough about how much working with Lesli has boosted my business. I’m now enrolling twice as many clients, even after doubling the price of my MRT/Leap package!

Within 2 months of learning Lesli’s strategies, I enrolled 17 people and generated $9,100 in revenue. Two months later, I raised my prices by 1/3 and enrolled 20 LEAP new clients and generated $17,910! In April alone, after doubling the price of my packages, I have enrolled 6 new clients generating $6,582.

I’m no longer anxious about having an enrollment conversation – instead, I love the fact I have the opportunity to share with people how I can help!”

Susan Gleaton


Client Results

Made $6,461 for my very first launch in April – despite COVID

I wanted to let you know that I April was my best month EVER – hit $18K PROFIT in April alone despite many people pulling back on their spending due to COVID 19.  I had my first continuation program sign up and did my first online course launch with a total of 13 registrants and $6,461 in revenue!  I’m well on my way to making 6 Figures in PROFIT this year.

Brittyn Coleman


$25k In Two Months!

Prior to working with Lesli my business I was simply not able to pay the bills and my net income was negative two years in a row.

Since then my business and income have skyrocketed. In fact I made $25K in just two months (7/1-9/1/2019), and under Lesli’s direction, I have launched a pre-holiday weight loss program and enrollments are happening as we speak!

My confidence in the value of my services has increased tremendously — I had no idea how much I was selling myself short.   I’m excited about having the problem of a having a client “wait list”!

Sandra Gultry


My First Launch Generated $20k with 38 Registrants

Lesli’s course, Lucrative Course Blueprint, was instrumental in helping me create my own online course. My very first launch I generated $20k in revenue and signed up 38 people into my 3-month course.

You receive tons and tons of downloadable resources on each and every step of the process. I took the course a year ago and still refer back to the materials constantly. Great investment!

Diane Rishikof


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