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Client Results

Made $6,461 for my very first launch in April – despite COVID

I wanted to let you know that I April was my best month EVER – hit $18K PROFIT in April alone despite many people pulling back on their spending due to COVID 19.  I had my first continuation program sign up and did my first online course launch with a total of 13 registrants and $6,461 in revenue!  I’m well on my way to making 6 Figures in PROFIT this year.

Brittyn Coleman


$25k In Two Months!

Prior to working with Lesli my business I was simply not able to pay the bills and my net income was negative two years in a row.

Since then my business and income have skyrocketed. In fact I made $25K in just two months (7/1-9/1/2019), and under Lesli’s direction, I have launched a pre-holiday weight loss program and enrollments are happening as we speak!

My confidence in the value of my services has increased tremendously — I had no idea how much I was selling myself short.   I’m excited about having the problem of a having a client “wait list”!

Sandra Gultry


My First Launch Generated $20k with 38 Registrants

Lesli’s course, Lucrative Course Blueprint, was instrumental in helping me create my own online course. My very first launch I generated $20k in revenue and signed up 38 people into my 3-month course.

You receive tons and tons of downloadable resources on each and every step of the process. I took the course a year ago and still refer back to the materials constantly. Great investment!

Diane Rishikof


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